About Me

When I came home from the hospital, shortly after my birth, I was equally adorable and nameless. After three days of being called “baby” my parents watched The Breakfast Club and I was named rather unceremoniously after Ally Sheedy.

Seventeen years later I ended up playing Ally Sheey’s role in the Millennium High School stage adaptation of The Breakfast Club

It’s almost as if I was born for the role!

From such humble beginnings I grew, dreading each birthday because I knew that each passing year brought more responsibility. Ten was the hardest. By high school I embraced responsibility and joined several clubs and sports teams and by my senior year I had raised in ranks to become: the varsity swim team captain, president of the drama club, section leader of the tenor saxophones in marching band, lighting director, lead in the school play, staff writer for the school paper, International Baccalaureate student, and I presented the speech at my graduation.

Swimming Breaststroke my senior year of high school

My senior photo. Three months before I got dreadlocks

Me in another school play… hardly recognized me, eh?

After graduating from Millennium High School I spent several months travelling. During the time I assisted in event coordination in Alabama, I worked on a farm in Canada picking cherries, I lived for three months in Costa Rica where I was trained as a Sloth Wrangler, and I lived on an island for two weeks with no electricity. I bathed in rain water, washed my clothes in a bucket, and before the end of my stay I had wooed the locals and received two marriage proposals.

This is my darling sloth Maddie who loved to give me kisses on the nose

This is Millie, it took me a month to get her to like me, but now we are good friends

And this is my baby Harpo, he bit everyone except me. It was love at first sight!

This was the island Parismina where I lived for a while in Costa Rica. After this picture was taken I caught a fish and cooked it on a stick over that fire in the background.

La Tortuga Feliz (The Happy Turtle) was the Sea Turtle conservation project I was working with on the island.

Currently I reside in Tempe Arizona and work for the US Forest Service.

In my spare time I play Roller Derby

Partake in random shenanigans

and bake whenever possible.

When I was sixteen years old I read the “Song of Albion” trilogy by Stephen Lawhead which was dripping with Celtic Mythology. After that point I became obsessed with Irish and Scottish culture. I discovered that I have Irish blood on both sides of my family, I love the Gaelic language, green is my absolute favorite color, insular art takes my breath away, bagpipes and flutes make the most beautiful music, haggis isn’t too bad, meat pies and mead are wonderful, Welsh cakes are divine, and after that point I was infatuated. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, heck even the Isle of Man, are some of my favorite places on this earth.

Plus, men in kilts!

My first Celtic themed tattoo… of course it was air brushed on.

More kilts and bagpipes! How can you not just love it?

Cheers to exploration!

Let’s see how this one reads 🙂


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