Learn Irish Language

I know how hard it is to find any resources necessary to learn to speak Gaelic. When I first began my search, I scoured the internet and discovered absolutely nothing helpful. I went to book stores and libraries, and kept coming up empty. I searched universities and online courses. I couldn’t even find a dictionary that I could use to help. I almost gave up my search thinking that Arizona was simply too far away from the green isle for me to find any Gaelic resources. And then one fateful day I typed “Irish Culture” into Google, and my world changed.

May you live to be
a hundred years, With one
extra year to repent!

-Irish Proverb

The Irish Cultural Center located in the heart of downtown Phoenix was my saving grace. I found out that they offered classes there – IRISH LANGUAGE COURSES! And only twenty minutes from my house. Not only did I take the class, but I met native Gaelic speakers and was introduced to the hidden underworld of Irish Language resources.

Now I am here to help you. Each week I will post a new resource to help get you immersed in the Language and Culture of the Celts without flying to Ireland.

I shall kick things off today with a basic overview and introduction to learning to speak Gaelic.

Erin’s Web is broken up into 128 weekly lessons. Try it out! There is a forum to practice your new skills, audio links to help with pronunciation, and fun facts about Ireland.

I learn best with immersion, which is impossible right now since I am in college (meaning I have no money) and in Arizona (far away from any Gaeltacht regions) but I do my best with the web. What is the best way for you to learn?

Irish Language On The Web

Erin’s Web – 128 weekly lessons

BBC Northern Irish Lessons – 15 lessons in basic Norther Irish

BBC Irish Learners – Resources to help learn Irish

Lurgan – Interactive lessons, music, and Gaelic social media!

Gaeltacht – Resources and Tips for learning Irish

Intermediate Irish Lessons – PDF and You Tube lessons

Learn in a Classroom

Oideas Gael – Irish immersion course in Ireland

NAACLT – Gaelic Teachers in North America

Irish Multimedia Practice

TG4 Irish TV – Watch some soap operas to practice

BBC Stories – Have interactive highschool level stories read to you

BBC Stories – Have elementary level stories read to you

BBC Games – Practice and learn N. Irish with Colin and Cumberland


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